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NY Sugar Babies

Baby Buca

Welcome to NY Sugar Babies!

We raise and breed Sugar Gliders with the utmost attention to bringing healthy, friendly, well-adjusted joeys into this world.

Welcome to NY Sugar Babies, breeder of quality sugar gliders. We are located in Upsate NY, about 45 minutes South West of Albany. Although I've been involved with sugar gliders for a few years, we've made it a point to research and learn all that we can about these wonderful pets so that we can set the highest goals towards furthering the standard through breeding.

We focus on creating happy and healthy family pets for pet owners and breeders alike. Our current breeding lines span from Southern New York to Dallas, Texas.  We are currently focusing on Classic Greys, Deep Cinnamon, and Buttercream varieties. We plan to eventually add Lions and White Combos.

All of our gliders are pets first and are bonded and handraised.  They are friendly, healthy and fearless, given every opportunity we are able to provide for them.

If you are interested in adopting a Sugar Babies glider, visit our joey nursery to see what is available. We don't have adults available for adoption at this time, but may in the future.  Prices vary by color.  Shipping is not available at this time, but we are willing to drive to meet you partway for an additional amount. 


We accept donations to assist in the cost of raising and caring for each of these little cuties!

All photography copyright Jenner Phillips, unless otherwise noted.

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